Competitively Priced Parts & Packages

We are a direct dealer for a lot of companies, and if we are not a direct dealer, we will competitively price any other parts you may need. We can also price part packages.

Let us know what you have and what you want to do to your vehicle. We can get anything from engines and transmissions to tires, wheels, bolts, etc.

If you purchased custom parts from us and need installation instructions, you’ll find those here.


Please download the following pdf instructions for your part.

1967-72 C/10

Cab Mount Instructions

1973-87 C/10

Cab Mount Instructions

S10 Cab Mounts

Instructions Drawing

1967-72 C/10

High Hump Instructions

1967-72 C/10

Pedal Assy Instructions

1973-80 C/10

Pedal Assy Instructions

1973-87 c/10

Chassis Brake Hose Kit Instructions

Push Button Start

Wiring Diagram

Starting / Charging

Wiring Diagram

C10 Wing

Wing Instructions




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