Vehicle Type:

1990 Chevrolet 454SS 



Trivette (think Walker, Texas Ranger), a 1990 Chevrolet 454SS, came to us with only 25,000 original miles and was actually purchased by its owner for its sum of parts and great condition body; however, once we got it in our hands we realized we could use a lot of the existing components – coupled with some updates and mods – and turn this into a truck built for spirited driving on the street or course.

With a new platform comes new challenges and the opportunity to learn new things. Level 7 continuously works to bring all these pieces together with knowledge, innovation and relationships. Fast forward to present and here is an overview of the items that we have done to transform this truck. To no ones surprise, this project has turned out to be one of Jesse’s favorite builds he has been a part of.

Trivette at a glance:

  • 1990 454SS truck with only 25k miles
  • Swapped in a dry sump LS9 with better placement using our new set of engine mounts
  • Mounted a 2012 BMW dual clutch transmission from a low-mileage V8 M3 (Note: this transmission is an electronically (paddle) shifted 7 speed manual transmission with a gear ratio split from 4.35:1 in first & a final 7th gear of 1:1 ratio.)
  • Installed a Level 7-designed inner stiffening member that includes a transmission crossmember mounting location & a front pivot point for the Cortex Racing torque arm rear suspension
  • Designed & welded-in boxing plates to create a stronger frame
  • Installed a Watt’s link to keep the rear-end centered
  • Utilized a GearFX built custom 9″ rear-end housing & a nodular iron thirdmember with a NOS Nascar 2.75:1 gear set procured for us by GearFX
  • Assembled with an Eaton Trutrac Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • Installed simple, effective control arm package from QA1 in conjunction with JRI single adjustable coilover shocks with remote reservoirs
  • Installed Level 7-designed Ultimate Headers to help the LS9 breathe
  • Utilized our fuel tank / rear-end vent canister (link to product & how-it’s-used video)
  • Raptor lined the bed inside and out
  • Machined the C1212 to OBS dash mount
  • Finalized the Motec keypad mount for the stock console
  • Finished front-end wiring using mil-spec grade wire and connectors
  • Machined a part to make the original hood release cable work with a Lokar hood release
  • Worked with ANX Motorsports – who is making the Motec cabin harness and engine harness – to wrap up the wiring on this build and make all the electronics features of this build flawless