Vehicle Type:

1949 Cadillac


Our friends at Bowler Performance Transmission took on finishing a project for one of their close friends.  When they decided to get involved they gave us a call and asked if we would help push the car through to the finish line.  The car already had most of the fabrication and mock up work complete when they got it.  Once a plan was in place they sent the car to our friends at Hoosier Hot Rods for the beautiful paint and body work you see.  After HHR finished up the car came to us so that we could do our part.  We wiring the car, did the plumbing, all of the fluids, and sorted out some issues we found along the way.  When it left out shop if was able to drive into the trailer as as real running and driving vehicle.  It went from us onto M&M upholstery.  What a cool car, really glad we could have been involved!