Vehicle Type:

1970 C10

Capone is a 1970 C10 and is owned by Shane Garrison.  This truck came to us as a father, son, grandson project that needed a little help to get finished.  The truck is on a No Limit Pro-Tech low rail chassis with 3 piece sway bars front and rear, Flaming river road course rack and pinion, and aluminum fuel tank.  For a power plant it has a Wegnes built LS3.  This particular LS3 has a Whipple supercharger and makes just over 1000hp on the engine dyne.  Behind that monster is a Bowler Performance Level 2 T56 Magnum transmission and a carbon fiber driveshaft.


On the outside of the truck we did a reproduction bed floor but widened the wheel openings, welded in a flat for the fuel fill, then bedlined the top and bottom of that floor.  Inside the bed we built an aluminum mount for the II Much vent canisters to sit.  The rest of the exterior remains mostly stock except for a pair of billet tow hooks.  Those tow hooks bolt directly to the chassis and allow the truck to comply with OUSCA rules if he chooses to compete.  A billet sports car exterior mirror from Ringbrothers as well as custom shaped aluminum fuel fill and antenna deletes finish off the look.

On the inside of the truck we built a chromoly harness bar that would allow Shane to move his seat all the way back.  Our harness bar also provide a mounting solution for a handheld fire suppression unit.  The pedals are from Wilwood but we built an aluminum heel plate to put Shane’s feet in the perfect position.  Continuing on the inside, we built a set of seat brackets to position his Sparco seats.  Modern A/C was installed in the truck but we wanted to try and keep Aluminum bead rolled panels from Jason Vanatta finish off the interior and give it that vintage race car feel.

For wheels and tires we went with Jongbloed Racing in 19×11″ and 19×12.5″ with 305 and 345 wide.  To cover those wide tires we fit a set of inner fenders from Jason Vanatta then built the lower halves to completely close out the front wheel wells.  We painted the top sides to match the paint then bed-lined the inside to protect from rocks.  The rear tires are covered by a pair of wide tubs by Josh Hart.

On the electronics side we threw all of our tricks at this one.  The system starts out with a 5lb battery from Antigravity mounted to a drop out box mounted to the frame, under the cab.  From there the engine, fans, fuel pump, etc are all powered by a Holley Dominator EFI system.  The electric fans are 5000watt brushless units that speed up and slow down and needed.  The same holds true with the 450lph brushless fuel pump.  The Holley ECU references throttle percentage as well as boost pressure to increase the duty cycle from 50% to 100%.  The gauges were custom built to display boost pressure as well as all data pulled from the Holley ECU and are covered by a billet bezel from Ring Brothers.  All of the lighting is LED, HVAC is modern, LED footwell lighting, etc.

Please catch our Youtube video for a complete walk around of Capone.