Vehicle Type:

1948 Crewcab Power Wagon

Gene’s Power Wagon has been stretched from a standard cab to a crew cab and sits on top of an aftermarket customer chassis from Tisdale Coachworks.  The drivetrain consists of a new Mopar Hellcrate engine, Bowler Performance built 4L80E transmission with a NP205 case from Moonshine Mafia.  It has a 10.5″ 14 bolt rear axle and an AAM 925 front axle.  The axles have been built by East Coast Gear Supply and have 4.56 gears and an Eaton Trutrack rear limited slip differential.  It has link suspension front and rear with massive King Coilovers and steering damper. 


Massive amounts of time have been spent building parts for this truck.  Every aspect of this build required something to be built or modified from its original state.  Under the truck we built the transmission crossmember and transfer case support, all of the hard lines for plumbing every fluid, tons of brackets to support wiring and plumbing, and mounting the electric parking brake. 

The cab extension was initiated at another shop so we had to finish the process.  We brought in help from a friend who does advanced sheet metal work to help reshape the top corners of the cab.  Along with his help we moved the B pillars, smoothed all of the door openings, gapped the doors to the body, reshaped the hood panels, move the core support from its original location, etc, etc.  Once the entire body was fit and mocked up we sent the truck down to Vastine’s Paint Garage in TX.  Brian and his crew spent about 800 hours body working and painting the truck with the modern Mopar F8 green.

Now the truck is back and we have bed lined the bottom of the cab and the engine bay side of the firewall.  Some of the assembly has been completed and we are wiring the truck as this point.  Please enjoy the photos and reach out to us if you have any questions about this build.