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Greg’s Gone Wild

Greg called us after he saw our hydraulic pedal conversion on an episode of United by Trucks.  He went on to tell us that he and his son were both building 67-72 trucks and were struggling to figure out how to do the pedals.  We went on to build a pedal assembly for his sons truck after that call.  After a few weeks Greg called back and wanted to do something cooler to his truck.  See where this is going?  Without telling his son he brought his truck up to us so that we could build a prototype pedal assemble on his truck.


While it was at the shop he wanted us to do the plumbing, install the fuel tank, mount the cab, install the AC system, and do some other sheet metal work.  We went on to build the pedal box, install the Tilton pedals, mount the reservoirs, and plumb the brakes.  We built a light weight race column and got it installed along with a quick disconnect hub.  Taking a couple steps further we installed a carbon fiber dash bezel from Munnsey Speed and mounted a Holley 12″ digital dash to the column.  Where the stock choke cable would have been, we installed the brake bias adjuster.  Since we were smoothing the firewall we went ahead and helped mount the Restomod Air EVAP box and the chassis fuse box.  Since Greg is going to run a T56 Magnum transmission we took his high hump and extended it to give it room.  Since we mounted the EVAP box we might as well install one of our recess HVAC control panels and mount the knobs.  Greg has been a blast through the whole process and become a friend.  We look forward to seeing where he takes this truck!